Hillcrest Electronic Servicing was started in 1999 by Kishor Morarji in the suburb of Hillcrest in Rotorua.

Kishor loved to fix broken TVs and appliances and soon became known as a guy you could trust to fix anything electrical. Before too long he had a handpicked team of dedicated technicians helping him to fix anything from TVs to burnt-out toasters! He was fascinated with how things worked and this passion drove him to be one of the most successful independent electrical service companies in New Zealand.

Today Hillcrest is led by Kishor’s son, which has seen the company extend its growth outside of Rotorua, covering the wider Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions. Hillcrest Electronic is acknowledged in the industry as one of the most progressive electronic service companies in New Zealand and consistently receives awards for its outstanding service of AV and whiteware products.

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I am very PROUD of what my dad created in the late 90’s. My job is to carry on his legacy and vision of being the best electronic repair company in New Zealand, and help people to save money whilst also protecting the environment by reducing

Vipul Morarji

Company CEO

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